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Pursue the classic and innovative personality
Follow the exclusive and scientific design

Greepark Design was established in 1993. It¡¯s an integrated innovative enterprise ranging from Theme Culture, High Technique, and Practical Application.

Our Members

CAM International Architecture Design LLC. (USA)
Shenzhen Greepark Landscape Design Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Gooyeecity Space Art Co., Ltd
Greepark (Beijing) Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd
Sichuan Greepark Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

2009, Selected in ¡°China Environmental Design Annual 2009¡±
           Selected in ¡°30 Decades of Guangdong Design¡±
2008, MA Jiajun, nominee of ¡°China International Media Award¡±
           Selected in ¡°China Environmental Design Annual 2008¡±
           China¡¯s Top Decoration Interview ¡°Theme Design, Vivid Story¡±
           ¡°Modern Decoration¡± Magazine Interview, ¡°MA Jiajun: Narration of the Vivid Stories about Theme Design¡±
2007, Best Design and Best Construction Company
2006, the 5th National Interior Decoration Biennale, Honorable Mention
2005, the 6th Shenzhen Design Contest, the Second Price
2004, the 5th Shenzhen Design Contest, the Gold Price
2003, National Best Design, the Second Price
2002, Shenzhen Best Design, the Champion
1997, Wools of New Zealand, the Honorable Mention

Main Partners

  • International Partners
  • HEIMO (Germany)
  • ECA2 (French)
  • UNIC-EVENT (French)
  • Mirage (USA)

Domestic Partners

  • China Development Institute (Shenzhen, China)
  • Design & Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology
  • Institute of Tourism Planning and Designing of Jinan University
  • Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd
  • Beijing Sunlay Architecture Design Co., Ltd
  • Beijing EVO Productions Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Liyangmeijing Planning Co., Ltd
  • Orient Jingshen Plan & Design Co., Ltd
  • Suzhou Landscape Architecture Corporation of China
  • Shenzhen J&A Interior Design Academe
  • Shenzhen Design & Decoration CO., Ltd
  • Chongqing Construction & Yuyuan Decoration CO., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Zhudao Architecture Design CO., Ltd
  • Zhongshan Golden Horse Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Zhongshan Jinma Science and Technology Amusement Equipment CO., Ltd
  • Zamperla Amusement Rides (Italy) CO., Ltd
  • Wenzhou Nanfang Amusement Rides CO., Ltd